Container Planting – Using Kitchen Items as Your Planter

Container Planting – Using Kitchen Items as Your Planter

When thinking about container planting, the traditional terra-cotta or resin pot you typically see in stores comes to mind. However, when you think outside the box (or pots) you’ll be surprised at what a beautiful and unique planting you can create! Follow along in Part 1 of 4 different styles of vessels you can use as planters. As well as where you might be able to find them. You may be surprised where some of these turn up!

Style 1 – Kitchen Items as Planters

Bowls, colanders, pitchers and baskets – these can all be found in some kitchens; however, did you ever think to stick a plant in one? Whatever style your house or kitchen, you can find an interesting and inspiring vessel somewhere in your cupboard or pantry, if you just look a little closer. That gravy boat you always forget to bring out for Thanksgiving. Use that in the summer for a pretty annual flower planting. Have a vintage pitcher that looks great just out on the counter or table? A small herb plant or flower would add even more interest to the space!

Here are two ways I used kitchen items to create a new look for a container planter

Colander Lettuce Container Garden

With an enamel colander picked up from a free box at a rummage sale and a few greens & lettuce plants. I created an instant salad, sandwich and burger topping garden for the deck! Just trim the outer leaves and let the center remain so it can continue to grow. You will have a continual supply of lettuce and greens for the season. Also, it happens to look cute too!

Enamel Colander Planted with Lettuce Plants
By using an enamel colander, you can create a cute and functional lettuce container garden!

Mixing Bowl Container Planting

This mixing bowl is a smaller version of an antique mixing bowl that was my grandmother’s. Now, with a yellow annual flower, this will add a bright sunny look to the deck or tabletop!

Antique mixing bowl planted with annual flower
By using an antique mixing bowl as a vessel, I was able to add a pretty flower to a bowl that reminds me of my grandmother.

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Where to Find some Colanders to Use as Planters

Classic Enamel Colander with Floral Pattern –

Stainless Steel Colander (3 Piece Set) –

Modern Colander (Matte Black & Wood) –

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