Container Planting – 5-Tier Vertical Planter

Container Planting – 5-Tier Vertical Planter

When thinking about container planting, sometimes we forget to get vertical! With different levels of flowers and herbs, this vertical garden will add interest and function to the deck & patio. This can fit in a small space and offer a lot of planting options for each level. I am looking forward to seeing how the plants like this tower garden style home this year! Follow along in Part 2 of 4 different styles of vessels you can use as planters. As well as where you might be able to find them. You may be surprised where some of these turn up!

Style 2 – 5-Tier Vertical Planter (Like GreenStalk Vertical Garden)

Add interest and height to your container plantings by using a multi-tiered planter. This 5-Tier vertical planter (with an optional rolling base I purchased) is comparable to the GreenStalk Vertical Garden and was about a quarter of the price of the GreenStalk! I believe this vertical option looks like it will be quite nice to use this year. Follow along and see how I was able to save some money on this vertical garden look for the deck & patio!

5-Tier Verical Garden Container Planter
When space is limited, this attractive container planting option can be the home of many plants. Annual flowers, herbs, even small fruits and vegetables can call this vertical garden home for the season!

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Where to find these Vertical Planters and an Overview Video on Product

5-Tier Vertical Garden Planter (Off-White/Stone) –

5-Tier Vertical Garden Planter (Terra Cotta) –

Bundle of Off-White & Terra Cotta Planters –

14″ Heavy Duty Roller Base (1 Pack) –

14″ Heavy Duty Roller Base (2 Pack) –

– Overview Video of 5-Tier Vertical Planter on my YouTube Channel –

5-Tier Vertical Planter Overview (with Plants) | Money Saving Tips | 1/4 the Price of GreenStalk! – YouTube

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