How to Transplant Cacti | Propagating Cactus Plants | Creating a Cactus Garden!

How to Transplant Cacti | Propagating Cactus Plants | Creating a Cactus Garden!

Today we will be going over How to Transplant Cacti, or the Propagating of Cactus Plants. Follow along and see what Supplies & Steps you take for Creating a Cactus Garden. It is a Fun way to Remove Overcrowding in an established Cactus Planting as well as Create a Beautiful Cactus Garden that will grow & produce more Cactus Plants in the future! Hopefully you’ll also get inspired to create your own Cactus Garden & use different items as vessels to make a Pretty Potted addition to your Home, Deck or Patio! Check out the Video Link below to see how to undergo this Propagation Process.

Cactus Propagation – Create Beautiful Cactus Gardens with new growth from established Plants!

When transplanting and removing new growth from Cactus Plants, you want to make sure that you use care and some thick gloves! A forceps or tweezers work nicely as well to help tease the little budding Cacti from the Mother Plants without causing too much injury to yourself! You’ll want to use a Soil Mix that is specifically made for Cactus Plants as they need a nice draining soil with proper aeration for their roots to grow & thrive.

Cactus Plants, such as the ones used in this Gardening Project, have shallow roots, so you can use a nice shallow planter, galvanized dish or even something from the kitchen for creating your own Cactus Garden! Use your imagination for finding vessels to add your Cactus Plants to. A thrift store might be a great place to look for a unique & unusual home for your Cacti Babies!

By Propagating from your established Cactus Plants, you help to prevent overcrowding in a planter, allow the Mother Plant to continue to thrive and make a new pretty planting garden all for the cost of some Cactus Soil and a few supplies!

How to Transplant Cacti - Cactus Plant Propagating

For more information on How to Transplant Cacti & the Propagation Process for Cactus Plants, check out the Video below on my YouTube Channel:

How to Transplant Cacti | Propagating Cactus Plants | Creating a Cactus Garden! (

Consider a Cactus Garden for adding to your Sunroom, Patio or anywhere you would like a Cute & Spiky Garden! These would also make a nice gift for the gardeners in your life from some established Cactus Plants you may already have!

Helpful items for Propagating Cactus Plants as well as throughout the garden & yard:

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