How to Plant Potatoes | Raised Bed & Container Planting of Potatoes | Potato Companion Planting

How to Plant Potatoes | Raised Bed & Container Planting of Potatoes | Potato Companion Planting

Today we will be Planting some Potatoes in our Raised Bed Gardens as well as in a Container. Potatoes grow nicely in the Ground, Raised Garden Beds as well as in Containers. Potatoes like a nice loose, even sandy soil with good drainage & a slightly acidic soil (pH around 5.5-6.5). Try out planting some of your favorite varieties for growing some tasty spuds! This year we are going with Yukon Gold & Red Potatoes. Check out the How to Video Below & we’ll go over how to Prepare, Plant & Maintain the Potatoes as they are growing – for both Seed Potatoes I purchased from a Greenhouse as well as some Store-Bought Potatoes I allowed to grow Sprouts. We’ll see how they compare to one another when we Harvest!

Potato Planting – In Ground, Raised Bed & Containers!

Don’t have a lot of room for planting? No Problem – Potatoes grow well in Containers & Bins! Just make sure you have some nice loose soil with good drainage and drain holes in the container for your spuds.

You’ll typically want to plant your Potatoes after the danger of Frost and once the soil has warmed up in the Spring. In warmer climates, you have more flexibility to plant in the Fall as well! Cover your Potato plants with a nice layer of Straw or Mulch to help protect the Potatoes from sun damage, maintain a cooler soil environment and encourage continued growth of tubers in the soil.

As the Potato Plants grow higher out of the soil and above the top cover (Straw, Mulch etc), continue to add more top cover, keeping about 1/2 – 2/3 of the plant covered. This helps protect the Potatoes growing beneath. You’ll want to keep about 6″ of lower potato plant growth covered with Straw, Mulch or Soil, creating hills. The longer you can keep the soil cool, moist & protected, the longer the Potato plants can continue to grow more tubers & the larger your Potato Harvest will be!

Planting Potatoes - in Raised Beds and Galvanized Containers

For more information on How to Plant Potatoes, check out the Video below on my YouTube Channel:

How to Plant Potatoes | Grow Your Own Potatoes in Raised Beds & Containers | with Companion Planting (

Consider Companion Planting to help deter pests & animals from interfering with the growth of your Potato Crop! Check out the Video Above for more information on Companion Planting.

Helpful items for Planting Potatoes as well as throughout the garden & yard:

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