Companion Planting – What Grows Well with Rhubarb, Garlic, Green Onions & Leeks?

Companion Planting – What Grows Well with Rhubarb, Garlic, Green Onions & Leeks?

Do Rhubarb, Garlic, Green Onions & Leeks grow well near each other?

In order to discourage bothersome pests, encourage beneficial insects and boost the growth & production of plants, gardeners will grow specific plants alongside one another in a method called Companion Planting. Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at how members of the onion family benefit the growth and production of rhubarb when planted nearby.

The Onion Family (Allium)

Garlic, green onions and leeks are all members of the onion family (Allium). As a result, they help to deter leaf beetles, aphids and weevils from destroying the leaves and stalks of young rhubarb plants. To break down some of the benefits of these members of the Allium family, here are some other ways these plants can help out nearby vegetation:

  • Garlic can help to prevent spider mites from taking over your plants.
  • Leeks help keep pests away from edible plants, fruits and vegetables due to their scent.
  • Onions, due to their even stronger scent, can help keep pests away, including rabbits and deer!
Garlic Cloves, Green Onion Seeds and Leek Seeds laying on the grass
Companion Planting – Members of the Onion Family

The Smartweed Family (Polygonaceae)

Rhubarb is a member of the smartweed family (Polygonaceae) and has edible stalks. Rhubarb leaves contain oxalic acid, a poisonous substance to humans which acts as a natural insect repellent. The rhubarb plant can then deter whiteflies and other harmful insects with its scent. Which is beneficial to the plants nearby! The large leaves of rhubarb can also help to provide much needed shade to sun sensitive plants.

Rhubarb plant in soil
Companion Planting – Rhubarb

For more on Companion Planting, check out these YouTube Videos for other combinations of beneficial plants!

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