Helpful Gardening Items & Tools

Helpful Gardening Items & Tools

Spending time in the yard & garden may just get easier with some of these helpful gardening gadgets I highlight today! While going through my gardening supplies this year, I came across some items I thought might be worth mentioning to help you when outside and in the garden. Sometimes it’s nice to take a peek at other gadgets and tools that are out there to use. Maybe they’ll update your technique or be a way to help improve your green thumb – you may just have a more enjoyable time in the process!

UpBloom Harvesting Apron & Garden Colander Harvesting Baskets

I’ve found these harvesting tools very handy in the yard and garden. They free up my hands so I can pull weeds or do additional planting, while harvesting those items that are ready for the kitchen. The Colander Baskets are great because I can clean my collected produce & herbs and allow them to dry a little before bringing them in the house. Both are easy to wash themselves and come in a variety of colors!

Seeding Square & Watering Bottle

I have used the Seeding Square and watering bottle a number of times this year already in preparation of the gardening season. The Seeding Square has been helpful for planning out the spacing of seeds and plants for various areas of my yard and garden. The watering bottle has a nice, focused spray that helps keep my starter and potted plants watered and happy!

Plant Clips & Stakes

Plant clips and bamboo stakes are an essential part of your garden for the support and structure of your plants as they grow. I have also found other uses for these clips around the yard and garden. They are easy to clip where needed and are re-usable. Together, the clips and stakes are a winning combination for your growing garden!

Here is a Video with More info on the Items Mentioned Above!

Garden Helpers | UpBloom Harvest Apron, Colander Baskets, Seeding Square, Plant Support & Clips – YouTube

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