How to Build a Raised Garden Bed | Add Garden & Planting Space to Your Property!

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed | Add Garden & Planting Space to Your Property!

Ever wonder How to Build a Raised Garden Bed? Well, there are a number of options out there with different materials and dimensions. I wanted something that was low or no maintenance and decided to go with a powder-coated steel raised bed. Let me tell you, the plants are loving it and we now have fruits & vegetables in otherwise unused areas of our property!

Three Raised Garden Beds

Additional space for Planting Produce was created by building these Raised Garden Beds at the end of our Vegetable Garden!

Want to add some additional garden & planting space to your property?

Well perhaps a raised garden bed would be a great option for you! Follow along and see what additional spaces we created for plants and produce on our homestead.

Here’s How We Built Our Raised Garden Beds as well as Tips on building and where you can find some of your own!

Interested in seeing how we planted our raised garden beds As well as other pointers on the process & upgrades?

Raised Garden Beds with Rabbit Guard Panels
The Raised Garden Beds have been planted & we added Rabbit Guard Panels to help keep rabbits & other critters out!
Here’s How We Added Rabbit Guard Fence Panels to our new Raised Garden Beds!

Raised Garden Beds next to Red Barn
Additional planting space was created next to our barn with these Raised Garden Beds!
Want to see what we planted in our Raised Garden Beds? Follow the link for a series on Companion Planting & check it out for yourself!

Wasted & Unused space no more! Here we created a new Raised Garden area. Click above to see what we planted in this new space!

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