Spring & Summer Dining Room Renewal | Simple Centerpieces to Spruce Up the Dining Table

Spring & Summer Dining Room Renewal | Simple Centerpieces to Spruce Up the Dining Table

Today we will be sprucing up our dining room by adding some simple spring & summer tablescape items. Follow along and help me choose the best dining table centerpiece for the new season!

Having some decorative items on the dining table, even when not in use, adds a nice feel to the space and helps to define the new season as well. Colorful, fresh and simple tablescape features are a welcomed renewal to the dining room. Adding pieces with Spring & Summer vibes, adds a touch of brightness to the room!

Fresh and Simple Options with the White Centerpiece Cloth

Bright and Colorful Options with the Yellow Centerpiece Cloth

Decorate with Me!

Many of the items shown above were from Target and Hobby Lobby. Some were also handmade items from the family. Check out more details on where I purchased specific items by following the link to my YouTube Channel.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Which Option do you like the best? Leave your favorite option below in the comments!

Want to get some of the items or similar looks for your home? Links are provided in the description box of the video below:

Video has links to items mentioned today!

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