Garden Helpers – Equipment for Starting Plants from Seed | Seed Organization & Storage Solutions!

Garden Helpers – Equipment for Starting Plants from Seed | Seed Organization & Storage Solutions!

Today we will be going over some really helpful items for Growing Starter Plants from Seed. By adding a Heat Mat beneath the Grow Trays, your Germinating Seeds will thank you for the warmth these mats give off. Your Starter Plants will grow nice & tall in anticipation for being transplanted into your Garden! This Heat Mat shown today also comes with a Thermostat to help with the process. Don’t forget about all those Seed Packets! I will go over a handy way to Organize & Store your Seeds for later use!

Germination Heat Mat with Thermostat & Seed Storage Organizer

I’ve found these Seed Starting items very handy in the yard and garden. A Heat Mat works well for keeping the seeds warm while germinating – helping to give you a higher success rate for starting your own plants. By keeping your Seed packets Organized in a Storage Container such as this, you can keep track of what plant seeds you already have, need to use up or even organize based on the season/month to plant for Succession Plantings!

Garden Helpers & Seed Starting Equipment - Heat Mat with Thermostat and Seed Storage Bin with Organizer Packs

For more information on these Handy Seed Starting Items, check out the Video below on my YouTube Channel:

Garden Helpers – Equipment for Starting Plants from Seed | Seed Organization & Storage Solutions! (

When you are ready to Transplant your starters – the Seeding Square helps to space your plants for optimal use of your garden! Using a Water Bottle such as below, will help provide a light watering of your starter plants as they grow indoors!

I have used the Seeding Square and watering bottle a number of times this year already in preparation of the gardening season. The Seeding Square has been helpful for planning out the spacing of seeds and plants for various areas of my yard and garden. The watering bottle has a nice, focused spray that helps keep my starter and potted plants watered and happy!

Here is a Video with More info on the Items Mentioned Above!

Garden Helpers | UpBloom Harvest Apron, Colander Baskets, Seeding Square, Plant Support & Clips – YouTube

Where to get these Seed Starting & Other helpful gardening Items:

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